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mistress skype fuck

Hi. Do you see and hear me?
Turn on your webcam.
Great. Now I see you. Looks good. Okay go two steps forward. Bend over, open your ass and show me your hole. Exactly like that. Go deeper down.
Butt up, keep opened!
Nice. Come back to me.
On your knees.
What do we have to play with, little bitch?
How? Is it your first time? Rally? Then you must be tight as fuck.
I don’t care you will get fucked now anyway. Are you ready? Great.
So what toys are with you?
Wow? That huge dildo for the first time? We really do have to train your butt.
3 anal plugs? Nice. I see we have the beginner ones too.
Then we will start with fingers. But don’t worry. Maybe one day I will fist you too. Ha-ha!
On your knees, butt up! I want to see your hole.
So open the lube, honey. Make your pritty little butthole wet for your mistress.
Now your finger. I want your middlefinger on your asshole. Star to tease it. Just stroke around the hole. Nice. Slowly, yes. Now continue this for a while. Start to push your hole with that finger. Push and stroke. Bend deeper and open wider. Push that finger. Now go inside a little. Move it there. Draw little circles and try to ge even deeper. Nice. Half finger in. Don’t stop here. Just keep moving and go deeper and deeper. When your finger is completey in – you can touch your dick for a little. Keep fingerfucking your slave ass. This is how we fuck you. Even deeper. Almost in. Push it. Nice! Inside. Okay you can stroke your dick five times. Slowly. Come on, give your slave dick a little pleasure.
Stop I want your smallest butt plug inside. After your finger it has to go in. some lube and push in. Great. Now stand up. I want it to stay in you.
Take some steps. Walk a bit. Do you feel it inside? How does it feel? Keep moving around. Turn around bend over. Now show me your asshole again. Hand on knees, bend over. Now open your ass with hands. Move up and down. Okay – turn to me, slave. You can stroke your dick a bit. Stroke it because soon I fuck you and you will stop that. Move your dick and the plug at the same time. Now you are fucked. Of course you will be fucked with bigger stuff but good for beginning, right? Just keep stroking and fucking.
Okay enough. msitress fucks you on skype
Pull out that small one I want bigger now. Get the next. Take it in your hand. Get it ready to use with lube. Let’s see if it goes into your slavehole. Good. Almost in. Almost there. Yes. Push inside. Good. Then lets move it. Start to fuck the hole again. Now we change a bit. I want you on your back. Right now. Come on – quicker. Then pull your knees to your shoulders. Higher up. Legs up. In the air. Spread those legs like a bitch. You will be my little fuck object now. A real slut. Oh yes, fuckslut, let’s that hole be filled. Move it in and out. And in and out. Fuck harder. This is how we fuck. This is how I fuck you. That’s what you deserve. Do you enjoy yourself? I know you do. Now you are my fucktoy. Just a hole for Mistress to fuck. Faster, fuck object. Now pull out and yhow me your hole. And push back. Pull out and spread your hole again. Good. Nice.You are ready for the next one. Lube it and go inside. Come on this is only the medium one. You can do it. Slowly first. Just move it. Move the top of it on your slavehole and slowly go inside. Now we are about the middle of the toy. More pressure. Don’t stop. Maybe stroke your cock a bit. Stroke and stop. Go deeper. And do it again. Stroke, stop, deeper in. Good. Continue this until it’s in. Legs still up – don’t be lazy. Go inside. Great. It wasn’t that hard rigth? You see – already in. Keep there you can stroke your dick a bit. Just slowly. I said slowly. Come on make it slowly and sexy for your Mistress. And push the plug inside. Play with that. You know what? Sit on it. I want you to sit on that plug. And move. Ride it like a fucking cowgirl. Just move up and down and you can stoke that dick between your legs very slowly. I do not want you to cum yet. I will fuck you with the big one, honey. With that huge dildo you have. Get back on your knees. Doggy on the floor. And start to really fuck your ass. I mean actually fuck it. Move the plug in and out. At least half way out then back in. Do that. Move that. Fuck that hole. Now harder. How do you feel now? I love to fuck you as hell. That’s why you are here. You are there for me as a playtoy. Now your fuckhole is really filled. Push that inside again and stroke your dick. Now you can stroke quicker. Slow down now. Harder and slowly. And stop. I want to play with your ass not your dick. Pull the plug out and show me how wide you are now. Your asshole in the webcam. Show me from as close as you can and open wide. Push the plug back and pull it out. And open your fuckhole again. And push it back and out.
I see you are ready for the biggest plug. Make it wet. I want you to sit on it first. Just slowly. Put it on the floor now and sit on it. Go deeper and deeper. Help by stoking the cock. Just slowly – no cumming is allowed. Just go deeper and deeper. Move up and down if it helps. Move on that toy. How deep is it? Go in. I want it it disappear in you. Come on. Almost there. Almost there. And in. Do you feel filled now? Its big now, right? Maybe you feel your ass will explode. Do not even try to touch your cock I do not want you to cum now. It’s so big inside. For you of course. The biggest plug. Move a bit softly. Try to stand up and keep it inside. Now can you walk? Let’s see how you carry a nice big toy in your slave ass. Looks good in you – you little bitch of mine. Now bend over deep. Touch your ankle. Thats good. Show me the ass. Spread and start to fuck again. First just move it a little. Then a bit harder. And also faster. Now pull more out and push back. Start the fucking. Ass higher up do not get lazy. Fuck fuck fuck. Come on fuck it. Now comlpletely in and out. Here we are. A big toy fucks you. I fuck you with a big toy. Keep fucking that ass. You are an ass-fucked slave now. Spank it too. That’s what you deserve. Spank and fuck. Sit on the dick again and now ride it hard. You can play with your slave dick but do not dare to cum. Ride like a cowgirl, come on. Oh I see how you enjoy yourslef. Yu were born to be a slut like this. Yes. It’s inside now. And your butt is opened. Get on your fours down on the floor and show me from behind how you fuck that hole. Move it hard – no cock stroking now. Only the ass. Push it in as deep as you can. Keep there and move. And pull out and spread your hole. Put back and move again. In-out-in-out. Now fully in. Deep. And pull out. And in again. I want you to be ready for your big dildo. A nice huge cock of yours. Move that plug and pull out. Let’s see how wide you are now. Open the butthole. Good. Nice wide. Has an O shape now. I see you are ready for the dick. Take the dildo in your hand. Spit on it and also lube. Stroke it to let me see how you will be fucked. Lay on your side now and let me see your ass. Start to push the dick to the butthole. Move it. I want to see it inide. With your other hand open it wider. Just push it. Stroke your dick a bit then stop. Push again. The top is already in. Nice work. Move it now. Draw little circles. Yes, like that. Now pull out a little bit then back. Slowly go deeper. Carefully with your dick I don’t want you to cum. And you can cum only with my permission. You have to ask for it or you cum when I tell you to. Go deeper again. Let me see how that huge cock disappears in you. Just push carefully. And pull out a bit. Stroke the cock. Stop it. Go deeper. Do that. Slowly. Do it sexy and slowly. Entertain your Mistress. Yes. This is how. See how deep you are already in? What a good job.
mistress fuck you Now go on your fours doggy style. Face down ass up. You are not touching your cock now. I want to fuck you hard. I will give it to you. Start to fuck that ass. Move it faster now as deep as it goes in. In out in out. Good. Fuck hard.
Now you are my bitch. Say thank you for fucking you. That’s what you are good for. To be a fucktoy, a whore, a slave slut. Go deeper. Let’s give it to you hard. Spank your slave ass. 20 times both sides. Come on let me hear those spanks. And do not even try to stop fucking your hole. Now go deeper. Count loud. Every hits. And when you are ready you thank your Mistress for them. Hit that hard and fuck that hard. Come on move that dildo as hard and fast as you can. Asss higher up – even higher. Show me what a dirty filthy bitch you are. Now you are fucked by Mistress. I want to see everything clearly. Come on. Fuck harder. Good job. Now slow down. Make it slowly. Pull that almost out and push back al the way in. And again. Out. And in. Now move it inside. And pull out completely. Show me your slavehole now. Even wider. And push it back in. Turn on your back and keep the dick inside. Now legs up and open them. Just like before. Knees to shoulders and make your bitch ass clearly visible for me. And move the dick in your fuckhole. Also stroke your slave cock. The same speed. Slowly first. Just stroke and fuck. This is how you are fucked by me. I see your butt filled by a huge dick. Do you feel your ass stretched? It must be so wide now. Let’s see. Pull the dick out and open your ass for me. Show me. That’s it. Now go back inside and fuck again. Don’t touch your dick just fuck your hole. Fuck it fast and hard now. LEgs higher up. And keep fucking. Keep it going. Fuck as hard as you can and as fast as you can I want to see. I want to see you fucked. I want to fuck you. Pull out now and push back. And do it again. And again. I want to see your hole opened and filled again. Open that with the other hand and do that. Show me how wide your hole is. I want to see you riding this cock. Sit on that and show me how you move up and down on it. And move on that dick like a bitch. Fuck the hell out of it, you little piece of slave. Move up and down do circels whatever you can do to that cock. Yes exactly like that. You are fucked so deep no. I fuck you in every position you can imagine. Move and ride. Slow down now. Stand up. Still the dick in your ass. Bend over and show me how you are fucked standing. Pull almost out and push back. Out and back in. Spread your legs now and bend your knees. Ass up higher. And now pull the dick out and push back in. Pull out and open your ass with your hand. And push back in. Nice view. You are wide now you are used and fucked. Get down on your knees. Dick inside. Move it and now you are let to stroke your cock and cum. But before you do you have to ask for my permission. Stroke it and fuck. Stroke stroke stroke. Come on. I want you to cum right on your body. Stroke even faster now you are let to cum. Come on get ready. On yourself nowhere else. Yes.
Good job.

Mistress Skype id

I will fuck you on Skype

5 thoughts on “I will fuck you on Skype

  • April 19, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Wow I wanted to cum just reading that. I want to be used as a fuck toy. Just like that is how I like it.

  • April 21, 2018 at 9:23 am

    I want to be your bitch

  • April 22, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    I have something I’ve been dying to share for a goddess like yourself. I like vibrators in my hole, they make me cum much harder and for longer. They milk my prostate as well. My prostate can be milked and i can also have an ejaculating orgasm that has the prostate and ass muscle pumping and squeezing contractions that Cum with a regular orgasm

    Now, I love fingers of a goddess because I want you to feel how hard you make me cum by stroking it off while you have two fingers buried up my asshole so that when I approach orgasm, you feel my ass tightening around you. When I ejaculate, you will feel my asshole rhythmically pumping contracting with squeezing clenches with my asshole then letting go for a second or so before the next pump. This process repeats and each time you feel my ass pump down and clench around your fingers, you’ll notice each pump makes Cum spurt out of my cock. The harder I Cum the harder my ass pumps down on your fingers. If I leave a vibrator up my asshole when I cum, I’ll cum so fkn hard because the vibrators stimulating my gspot as well ass the muscles in my hole responsible for the fkn Cum pumping. When it pumps on the vibrator, my ass fkn clenches so hard around it and doesn’t want to release it because it fkn loves being pumped and squeezing on the vibrator. You’d also see on cam my ass start to pump and with each pump the vibrator will be sucked in deeper and deeper each pump. You have to see this

  • January 10, 2019 at 11:56 am

    Oh my word I’d love you to take my anal virginity that was hot

  • January 25, 2019 at 12:10 am

    Hello Mistress Lola,

    It will be so hot once I get your Skype handle so I can try to entertain you on cam for a while, as all obedient slave ought to do. As a welcome little gift for you, I could use a silky ribbon to tie my ballsack, with a nice bow on it. Since I haven’t cum in a long time my balls are full. If I tie the ribbon tightly enough you will get to see something very plump. Of course, it will be up to you to decide when and if you want to pull on that ribbon to release my balls. I wouldn’t dare do it on my own, but only at your command. You would probably enjoy knowing that my sack is so tightly squeezed and would be giving me some pain between my legs reminding me that your pleasure always comes first. I would probably use a pink ribbon since it would perfectly match with me being your bitch. That little ribbon would be the only thing that I wear, obviously.

    Of course, I would have to have some kind of toys so you can instruct me to do things with them to my ass. I don’t know if I would have toys from a sex shop, but I do have veggies like carrots and cucumbers, also some bottles about the size of a cock that could work. Even though some could be big, I would comply with your orders to fuck my man-pussy. I might say things like “Mistress, it’s too big, it doesn’t fit”, but I assume that you will not take no for an answer and tell me to “Push it in slut! Stop whining whore! You do so because I say so ! Don’t you dare disappoint your Mistress. If Mistress wants to see that big cucumber up your pussy, you do it !”… Yes, Mistress. Of course Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress, I’ll try to push it in. You would probably will instruct me to slap my ass till it’s red for saying that “I’ll try”. I know, I shouldn’t “try”. I must simply do it, fuck my ass-pussy as ordered. I can only imagine that the cucumber is your strap-on and you are fucking me because you love drilling my pussy.

    As a method to prevent cumming, I could also do have some cotton swabs that, if you wish, I could stick a bit inside the pee hole of my man-clit. Those would surely hurt if I try to stroke. Then the only way for me for cumming would be anally. I would have to sit on and ride some toy in my pussy, and then go up and down like a good slut, That would stretch my hole to a gaping point that I could show you on cam. I have never been to the point to being able to fist myself though. I can fit all my fingers in my man-cunt but the knuckles don’t fit, maybe a slander hand of a Mistress like you would manage that.

    Of course, if you do allow me to cum at the end of our Skype session, I would aim for my face if I’m on my back with my butt all the way up in the air. I can imagine you towering me, with your strap-on firmly planted in my ass-pussy, my balls still tightly tied with the ribbon and the pink bow. Me loudly saying, “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress. I’m yours for your entertainment. I’m your playtoy, your fuck hole. Do whatever you want with me”.

    Another way too, is to ruin my orgasm so we can play longer, or to continue to play even after I cum. My body would still be your play thing, and being your sextoy would be my duty to you Mistress.


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